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Graduate School Statement of Purpose SampleStatement of Purpose for Graduate School Example

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Statement of Purpose for Grad School Example

Through volunteering, working, and of course academic school I’ve built a resume which I think suits me perfectly for your institution but I think it’s important to note that I’m applying from a different perspective than most applicants. I don’t want to go to graduate school to get a certain salary or social position, I want it because I think it’s perhaps the most honorable and esteemed position that a person can get. When you go to graduate school you’re immersing yourself in the most intense and rigorous coursing in the world, and to keep up you need a wide range of skill and capabilities. I believe that my experience and skill set have made me the perfect candidate for your institution. I’ve known nothing but hard work for my whole life. My parents were far from wealthy and nearly everything I have and have had I’ve worked hard to gain for myself, and the graduate degree I’m seeking is no exception. I doubt there are people who would appreciate it more, nor have the ability to take advantage of it more thoroughly.

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