can personal statements be funny

10 Personal Statement Mistakes That Make You Look Funny

Writing a personal statement is no easy task and when done it must be done right for a host of reasons. One of the ways to write a proper personal statement is to avoid the common mistakes that people often make when they write theirs. This is why in this article we would be looking at expert personal statement tips and 10 personal statements mistakes especially the ones that make you look funny. You may ask can personal statements be funny. Well the answer is yes, and it is not good if your potential employer sees your personal statement as such. The reason for this is that a personal statement is an important piece of document that is key to you getting the placement you desire either at a firm or institution.

You may be wondering why the personal statement is so important. Well, let us first of all, consider some of the benefits of a well-written personal statement as when you see this, you would appreciate the need to have your personal statement well written and this can only be done by avoiding or staying clear of the common personal statements mistakes or the funny personal statements that some people write.

Benefits of a Personal Statement

Like was stated earlier it is in seeing the benefits of a personal statement that you would be able to appreciate why you must write yours with optimal care to avoid writing funny personal statements or making personal statements mistakes.

Below are some of the benefits of a well-written personal statement:

  • It is an ideal adjunct to your resume
  • It helps to boosts your resume
  • It helps to highlight areas of importance in your resume
  • It gives you a good footing ahead of an interview
  • It serves as a good way to introduce yourself to your potential employers
  • It shows why you are fit for the job you are applying for

10 Common Personal Statements Mistakes

Now that we have seen the benefits of having a well written personal statement, we would now talk about the personal statements mistakes that can make funny personal statements to be written.This way you can avoid them and write a professional looking personal statement.

advice on avoiding personal statement mistakes

These are the ways you can avoid the mistakes and write a professional looking personal statement.

  • Avoid adding humor: This is something that some people do that you wonder what exactly they have in mind or what they hope to achieve by it. Well, a personal statement is not a comic, it is a serious deal. Adding humor would at best make you write funny personal statements and at worse, you may come across as been unserious; neither of which is good for you. So avoid adding humor to your personal statements.
  • Avoid common clichés: ‘Since when I was young’, ‘it has always been my dream’, there are also many more examples of these clichés. What you don’t want is to be using them, it makes your personal statement have an unreal feel; more like a copied work and you do not want your potential employers having such an impression
  • Avoid trying to be flattery: flattering is a cheap way to score points, it would not speak well of you, it will make you appear desperate and it can be a turnoff for most people. So avoid flatteries.
  • Avoid controversial statements: If it is controversial, avoid putting it because you do not know on what side of the argument your potential employer belongs.
  • Never make quotations: This is something that may appear good at first but it is usually counterproductive. A personal statement is not a poem or a book; so avoid using other people’s quotations.
  • Proofread your personal statement: You do not want to have grammar, spelling and punctuations errors on your personal statement; it would be funny to your interviewers but definitely not for you. So proofread your work and check internship or PhD statement of purpose samples.
  • Stick to facts: If you use unverifiable facts, you could do more harm than good, so stick to facts
  • Avoid any form of plagiarism: Always be sure your personal statement is not plagiarized. It should be 100% original; that is why it is called a ‘personal’ statement.
  • Avoid coming across as being braggadocios: You have no point to prove, sounding braggadocios is only going to make you look funny
  • It is a personal statement but don’t make it too personal: Avoid too many personal details, it won’t help. Stick to only necessary and important personal information.


So when someone asks can personal statements be funny, now you know the answer that there is common personal statement mistakes that one can make that would make funny personal statements to be written.

Learn 10 of these personal mistakes, so you can avoid them as you write your own personal statement!