A Winning Statement of Purpose Business School Sample

statement of purpose business school sample

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In the process of writing school SOP, it is important to be focus. The essay must contain important information that will knock down other applicants. You need to deliver the best to the admission committee.

Important Things to Consider for MBA Statement of Purpose

  • An essay with excellent ideas butt poorly written will not help you with your application. Use of misspelled words, bad grammar, missing punctuation, incorrect sentence construction, inappropriate wording and inconsistent verb tenses affect the quality of your paper. You need to impress the readers for them to be satisfied.
  • An SOP having duplicate details creates a negative impression. You need to be creative in writing and do not repeat information that can be found on your CV, transcript and other application documents. It is annoying to read a paper that covers the same topic as others. You need to be creative in writing and personalize your application.
  • Your statement of purpose should present long term goals

Statement of Purpose Business School Sample

Statement of Purpose Example MBA

Describe an impact you had on group, organization or individual. What did you do? How is your experience valuable to others and to yourself?

I got married, and I am living in a remote village. I decided to build group of married couples with the initiative in educating people about infanticide and because of our efforts, it certainly resulted to few number of infanticides.

I have become a leader of these people, motivating them. I educated many farmers also and introduced a good concept about contract farming. As of now, I intend to construct a village as model village in introducing solar energy.

I and with the help of other people work together and my hard work is because of their faith in me. They helped me a lot because of their simplicity and manner of thinking.

This is a good sample of statement of purpose for MBA. There are still many samples online (a sample statement of purpose for masters and a goal statement for graduate school example) that can help you in writing. Just be sure that the example you find is of high quality and well written. Start to write your SOP now!

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