Best MBA Statement Of Purpose Sample

MBA Statement of Purpose Sample

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Statement of Purpose Sample MBA

There are few jobs that I consider more important in society than being a psychologist, which speaks volumes to it being my own career goal. Though it’s the politics that often gets to the forefront of the day, and things like the philosophy and science which often are underscored in history, it’s important to remember that psychology, and the people who practice it, are the ones who deal with the most important thing of all: the people themselves. There are numerous reasons why I want to be a psychologist: I want to understand people more, why they are the way they are what can be done to make people better, including myself. I’ve never had a problem getting good grades and my test scores are relatively high as well, but this isn’t the main reason I think I’d be a good fit for your institution. I think I’m ideal for your school and for a position in the psychology program because I have a real passion for it all, and above that a willingness to work hard and do anything I can to understand it better and to become the best that I can.

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