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Professional Statement of Purpose Example

Graduate school has always been my ultimate goal, and that’s largely because it’s the pinnacle of academia, and academics have always been the people that I’ve looked up to the most. These are the ones who have spent vast swaths of their lives among books and with teachers, simply learning the way that the world functions and their own role in it. To me there could be nothing more noble, and though it’s a lot of hard work it’s also work that is sure to pay off. I’ve worked tirelessly throughout my life to get to the point of writing this statement, to getting the chance at graduate school, and I write it now not so I can get a degree and earn more money or for some kind of status, but because I think it’s the right thing to do. Academics are the people that drive the world forward, and if I get accepted into your institution I too will drive forward and become the person I’ve always wanted, do the things I’ve wanted, and that’s by having the requisite knowledge, which your institution can help me ascertain.

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best Personal Statement Examples


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