Best Statement of Purpose Format

Writing a statement of purpose is truly challenging especially if you lack guidelines. In addition, you need to know about the statement of purpose format you need to follow to present a one of a kind essay that is easy to read and understand.

Format of Statement of Purpose

Typically, statement is 2 to 3 pages, doubled spaced and typed but there are some of variations when it comes to format. For example, some of the programs students are interested in request that they respond to specific questions.

Unless being indicated, your central theme of your SOP must be reasons that you’re interested in becoming a physician or teacher or reasons why you like to attend that university. Your statement must need to be concise, free from errors and it is well organized. You need to make an interesting and original essay. In order to write the best statement, you need to start early, write numerous drafts and allow other people to comment and read your essay.

Before Getting Started: Things to Keep in Mind

When it comes to statement of purpose graduate school format, there are three important parts in your essay that you need to remember and always have in your essay. You need to have introduction, body and a strong conclusion:

  • Introduction: In this section, it is where you need to present your thesis and a brief introduction to what your reader will read about your essay. This part should not be long but it must need to be short especially when you have limit on word counts like 300 words or 500 words.
  • Body: In this section, it is where to include all the things you want to put that will help you in your application. Make sure it is interesting to read or when you decided to tell a good story, you need to present it in a good way.
  • Conclusion: In this part, you need to do it correctly and captivating. Since it is the last part, it should be remembered by the admission committee for your application to be good and it will increase your chance to be accepted. You can end it by a saying, a quote or a statement that will leave the readers a great feeling that you are worth to become part of the program and the university.

In most cases, thinking what format you will use is important. There is no exact format that students can use because they can decide for whatever format they want as long it is well structured and organized. Secrets and tips from statement of purpose for computer science can bring you sureness in your power. If you want to be accepted and make a great impression for your readers, you need to do well in your format. Take note that the content of your statement is essential but you should also consider about your format because it plays a role of your application.

correct Statement Of Purpose Format


Whenever you are having a hard time to get started with your statement of purpose example, think and make a plan. You should not just get started without thinking and making sure what you should do. You need to think carefully about how you can able to impress the admission committee to have you in their university.