Check Our Statement of Purpose Example

check our statement of purpose exampleA statement of purpose is your chance in highlighting yourself, goals, ambitions and experiences. Professional and graduate programs want to hear about your success as well as your experiences outside academic school that led you to a path in choosing your degree.

Tips for Making the Best Statement of Purpose



These are important things you need to know so that you will not make mistakes in creating your statement of purpose. You need to follow it to increase your chance to be accepted:

  • Accomplishments and experience: It is important to present about your personal accomplishments such as talents, attributes that makes you special and interests. It is also important to present community experiences such as volunteering, organizations, extracurricular involvements and others. Academic accomplishments and professional experience are also important things to include.
  • Storytelling: It is important to reflect on experience illustrating about your passions, dreams and personality. You need to think what the best experience you have and relate it to your chosen field is.
  • List of traits and skills: It is necessary to highlight the traits and skills in every category skills that you possess.
  • Attribute map: You should identify attribute or skills that you have that applies to your field. With that, connect it to significant situation or experience. You also need to brainstorm additional attributes or skills to know specific experience. Make sure to decide on the skills and experiences you can discuss in your statement of purpose.

Statement of Purpose Example

When you are struggling to get started, sample statement of purpose for graduate school is a good help for you. It is not bad to check out some examples just make sure to use it as only your guide or basis and avoid copying from it.

I have been fascinated when it comes to research most especially that benefit environment and people. After my successful career in IT, I decided to pursue my Master of Science  in Computer Science at University of New York in building and enhancing my research skills towards my interests in Data mining, software engineering and computer visualization.

After completing my bachelor’s degree, I have the interest in joining IT industry so I decided to pursue my dream to a higher degree. In addition, I have professional experience that provides me better understanding about potential of technology in materializing innovative ideas while helps me in solving tough problems.

While my focuses of interests are data mining, software engineering and computer visualization, I am looking forward a broad foundation to computer science and eager to learn more and experience other opportunities. I have the confidence that earning my Master of Science at University of New York will help in honing my skills and will prepare me in making great contributions.

This is only one of the examples of statement of purpose for graduate school. There are still many sop and personal statement for MBA samples that you find on the internet depending on the program you choose. With the samples, it helps you to make a one of a kind essay that you can submit.