Correct Statement Of Purpose Format

Statement of Purpose Format

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Professional Statement of Purpose Sample

Sports has always been my greatest interest, but not so much actually competing, since I’m not much the physical specimen. It’s the science behind it that has always intrigued me, the way that you can formulate a human to being as effective, as healthy, and as capable as possible, and this has lead me to my goal of a degree in sports science. I’m applying for a position in your institution because, though I have a decent amount of knowledge and experience in the field, I’m looking for a lot more, considering that one day I hope to work in the NBA as a health specialist. This is a tough goal to meet, but with a graduate degree in sports science I’ll be well on my way. There’s no one that will work harder or bring a stronger commitment to their studies than me because this is truly my greatest interest considering everything else. I love sports, the ideas behind it, the science behind it, and the health, and as hard as it is to learn all the particulars and advance in the field I’d be willing to do anything to do so.

correct Statement Of Purpose Format


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