Finding Sample Statement of Purpose Graduate School

finding sample statement of purpose graduate schoolStatement of purpose is one of the ways to enter the program you want. It is like a cover letter for application because you are selling your abilities. You need to submit a personal statement as part of your graduate school application. With that essay, committee wants to know more about your interest and what you can able contribute with them when it comes to seminar discussions, research, collaborative opportunities and conferences.

Tips for Professional Statement for Graduate School

  • You need to ask yourself what qualifications and interests you have that will make you a great applicant for the program. You need to show why you’re pursuing the career.
  • You also need to keep in mind that there are lots of essays that admission receives that is why you need to make your essay professional, well organized and structured.
  • Tell a good story that is interesting that is attention grabbing and will be remembered by the committee.
  • Make sure to answer all questions fully and when you don’t understand it, read it again and again so that you can make a good answer.
  • Your essay should have three sections; the introduction, body and conclusion.
  • Using a good SOP format is important. Unless provided by the school, follow it and do not change any of the formats provided.

Moreover, you should know that there are 2 types of personal statements; the response to a specific prompt and comprehensive personal statement. For the specific prompt, it includes questions that you need to answer and for a comprehensive personal statement, you have the right to write statement of purpose that will describe about your goals and experiences.

Sample Graduate School Statement of Purpose

free Sample Statement of Purpose Graduate School


Throughout my life, I have the passion and eagerness in helping other people. I am thankful to my parents because they raised me with a belief that we need to strive in touching lives of other individuals around us. I am proud of myself because I received my first reward when I was in third grade. In later years, it serves as my help that I have what it takes to help and become a great person. With your program, I believe that it will help me to do more and to reach my full potential.

Here Is Another Sample for You

I decided to study pharmacy at this institution because I’ve enjoyed studying chemistry. I am keen in proceeding it to a higher or advanced level. I want to study pharmacy because I love all the topics included in it. I love pharmacy because it’s challenging as well as fascinating.

I have the dedication and ability in listening to other people. I am a multi-talented person and part of numerous teams. I had an internship as becoming pharmacist and it helped me a lot in gaining more skills and abilities. I’m very certain that my chosen program is the right for me because it inspired me and I’m very confident that it gives me the chance in proving myself as well as achieving my potential.

If you want to make a good personal statement, read this page carefully and you will know what you should do. Start today while you have lots of time!

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