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Graduate Statement of Purpose Examples

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Statement of Purpose for Graduate School Examples

My ultimate academic goal has always been graduate school for numerous reasons, and not just the educational aspect. It’s always been known to me as not just the place that you gain the highest academic knowledge and become part of the highest educated society, but where you learn to become a better person, a better citizen, where you can find your place in the world as well as in the institution itself. My major is English, something that has always been my primary passion both academically and recreationally, and if there’s one thing that all the literature I’ve read has taught me it’s about the value of informed, knowledgeable, and capable citizenry, and that’s why I’m so intent on becoming one myself. I’m applying for you institution for numerous reasons, but chief among them is that it strikes me as an honorable one, one that will provide me not just with the knowledge that I seek but perhaps the knowledge that hasn’t occurred to me to seek, which may be the most valuable of all.

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