How to Write a Winning Statement of Purpose for Internship Sample

Internship statement of purpose sample

Writing a statement of purpose and especially statement of purpose for internship should be one page of paper only. There are things needed to consider in writing your paper. You should know about it to submit a wonderful SOP to your readers.

Writing a Winning Statement of Purpose for Internship in Computer Science

  • Include details of relevant work and study experience related to computer science;
  • Provide what skills you can offer to your employer and what they can expect from you;
  • You need to provide evidence that will support your claims;
  • You need to discuss how your internship is related to your career plans;
  • Give specific details about the type of company you want to work and why.

statement of purpose for internship sample

In statement of purpose for internship in computer science just like in a winning science statement of purpose, you need to address the following:

  • Why you are applying in the internship;
  • How your interest in the field develop;
  • What you hope to learn from the internship (e.g. any particular skills)?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your aspirations and career goals?
  • What useful qualities and skills you can offer to your employer?

Statement Purpose Example

As a Economics major, I am interested to gain more experience in the area of Finance. The classes I had in my undergraduate degree like interpersonal skills in financial accounting gave me a strong foundation. Taking internship give me a chance to apply my knowledge as to develop my organization and communication skills.

In a competitive environment of Finance, there are many things that I can offer such as flexibility, enthusiasm and commitment. I have confidence to work independently at the same time has the enjoyment to work on projects.

My experience in Webber Company strengthened my understanding and developed my time management and analytical skills.

I am an enthusiastic, inquisitive and ambitious in getting involved to internship program. I am looking forward to explore numerous aspects of Finance.

To submit a magnificent statement of purpose for study, science statement of purpose or any other unique statement of purpose, you should know some tips. You need to look for samples also because it serves as a good guideline in writing your essay.

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