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statement of purpose computer science examples

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Whether it’s a computer science statement of purpose or an electrical engineering statement of purpose, you need to show who you are and what you have. To be selected, present a paper that is well written to satisfy the committee. Here are tips on how to write the paper.

Writing Computer Science Statement of Purpose

  • State who you are
  • Tell what you want to do in your degree
  • In writing, there are adjectives that you need to avoid such as passion, joy, excitement, thrill and others. Instead, you need to explain what do you expect from the school
  • As much as possible avoid quotations that are not related to what you are applying for
  • Using simple language is required and resists the temptation of adding new words that are not well known or new found words
  • You need to describe your experience as briefly as possible
  • Explain few projects and things you learned from them. You can explain about your interest and what you learned from it
  • Sell yourself with statistics

Statement of Purpose Computer Science Example    statement of purpose for ms computer science sample

Statement of Purpose Examples Computer Science

During my 2nd year, I learned many things. I remembered the time when I attempt to connect computers with the use or RS-232 cable. 4 years later, I know that computer science program will help me to know more.

During my undergraduate studies, I have subjects like C-programming, microprocessors and computer networks that increases my interest to study more. I know that I have potential in this field and I am now determined to further my skills and knowledge.

I also have a work experience at Engineering Company where I developed real time monitoring systems. The success of the project gave me confidence in providing software solutions to real problems. In the company, I have been involved in front-end system that gives access to customer service system.

I know that I have strong grasps in computer science and enthusiastic to learn more. I hope that my qualifications and background are suitable for MS Computer Science at University of Missouri.

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