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There are few documents that people struggle with more during the university application process than the statement of purpose, and there’s no mystery as to why that is. It’s something about you, your aspirations and dreams, and it’s hugely difficult to determine where to start and what to write about. This is what statement of purpose for mba samples can do for you, they can provide you with the information you need in action so you know how to do it yourself.

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Language has always been the thing that has interested me the most, and there are numerous reasons for this. It’s not just the things that mastery of language can do for you, like literature or debate, but I’ve always been captivated and fascinated with the philosophy of it. The way that language is the principle component of thought, communication, it’s the ultimate thing that separates us from animals, and I am applying for your institution to further my knowledge and understanding of these things as much as I can. I hope one day to go to graduate school, but I also know that it’s the first steps that make these kinds of things possible, and I would like this step to be taken at your institution because I think that I’m as well suited for a position as anyone else in terms of dedication, qualifications, and passion. I know a good deal about linguistic, but more importantly I want dearly to learn a good deal more, and I hope to do so in your linguistic program.

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