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Perfect Personal Statement Length, What It Is Like?

Example of Optimal Length Personal Statement

When it comes to writing personal statement there are a lot of things that must be done properly to ensure that the personal statement has the professional look that it deserves. Among the different things is the personal statement length which would comprise of the personal statement word count and the overall statement of purpose format. It is because of this that this topic about perfect personal statement length is very important. But as a way of introduction, what exactly is the personal statement and why is it so important. For anyone who is seeking admission into any institution or who is applying for a job, the role and import of a personal statement cannot be overemphasized. Some of them are looked at below.

Benefits of a Personal Statement

It is in knowing the benefits of a personal statement that you would be able to see the need to have a properly written one. Of course, a properly written personal statement, does not matter it is an ortho personal statement or any other, would cover a lot of areas as stated above that include the personal statement length and personal statement word count.

Below are some of these benefits:

  • A well written personal statement serves as an introduction to your employers
  • It shows briefly your strength and what you would bring to the institution or firm
  • It underlines why you are a perfect fit for the job or course of study
  • It highlights the important areas of your resume
  • It is the ideal adjunct to your resume
  • When properly written it can give you a good standing ahead of an interview

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Features of Personal Statement

A personal statement has different parts to it and below we would be looking at 5 of them:

  • Introduction: This is the beginning part of your personal statement where you reveal who you are and to what end you are applying. The introduction should be brief and straight to the point with simple sentences and correct punctuations. Also to be included in the introduction is where you heard about the opening you are writing for and any other relevant basic information about you.
  • Body: This is the next important part of your personal statement. It would contain the areas of your resume that you would like to highlight and areas that make you fit either for the job or the course and instruction for which you are applying. You should also use simple sentences that are easy to follow and make sure there are no punctuation and grammatical errors. You should use good paragraphing here. The body can consist of 3 to 4 paragraphs but more than four paragraphs would be generally too much. You want your body to read simple, to be easy to the eye and for one to be able to get a good portion of its contents after the first glance.
  • Conclusion: Your conclusion would contain both an appreciation for the consideration and that further details are contained in the attached resume. This is important as it shows courtesy and appreciation for the time used in reading through the personal statement. It also shows that the personal statement is not exhaustive and your resume is there for more details.
  • Personal statement length: This is very important. An overly lengthy personal statement would prove to be inimical to the whole essence of having a personal statement in the first place. You should appreciate that plenty people would be sending in their application as well, so your goal should be to put forth as much relevant information out there in the most concise of forms. Generally, you want your length of personal statement to be about 47 lines and about 5 paragraphs. 1 paragraph for introduction, at least 3 for the body and 1 for the conclusion.
  • Personal statement word count: The word count of your personal testament should be about 4000 characters and about 500 words. Usually, a personal statement is best on just one page. Anything more than a page is too lengthy.

Example of a Personal Statement

Example of optimal length personal statement can be found online and the areas you would like to note in this example are:

  • The font
  • The length
  • The characters and word count
  • The number of lines
  • And the number of paragraphs

Use this guide that will eventually help you to get the perfect personal statement length and what it is like!