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Sample Statement of Purpose

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Professional Sample Statement of Purpose

For my entire life I’ve found literature to be perhaps the most important thing that humans have produced. Now that’s a bold statement and I know it, but what gets at the human condition more, what is both entertaining enough to keep us riveted and informative enough to change the way that we look at the world. I think it’s a unique way into the human heart, and I’ve devoted much of my time, both academically and personally, to developing the skills and knowledge to do so myself. I’m applying for a position at your institution to take the final step in this journey, I’ve completed much of my own work, some of it published, and I’ve learned from many good teachers, but I think that your institution could provide me with that ultimate knowledge, that ultimate experience that I need. I want this position not out of some hope for material gains but because this is what’s truly important to me, and that’s the same reason why I think I could take advantage of this position as good or better than nearly anyone else.

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