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Personal Statement Experience: Ways to Make It Spectacular

When you are writing personal statement opening lines there are some things that you need to include in it to ensure that your statement of purpose is a proper reflection of you. One of such things is your personal statement experience. Incorporating your experience into your statement of purpose can be easy as it can be complex. In other words, you would need to know how to properly draft it in, in such a way that you do not sound braggadocios in any way while ensuring that your experience and expertise is well highlighted.

Why You Need to Incorporate Your Personal Statement Experience

The reason for this is simple. The whole idea of having a personal statement written in the first place is to help you introduce yourself to your potential employer or institution in the case of a graduate study program. To do this, a personal statement or statement or purpose would need to convey your strengths and highlight areas in your resume that reveal that you are ideal for the course of study or job for which you are applying.

This is why it is important that a personal statement is well written and properly structured. In this article, we would be looking at the personal statement experience and how to write this personal statement and include your experience in it. These and the personal statement tips shall be looked into below.

Tips to Make Your Experience Count in Your Personal Statement

What better way is there to reflect your ability for the job you are applying for than to incorporate your experience in your personal statement. The next question is how you would do this. In this segment, we would be highlighting some tips that can guide you to doing this properly. Below are some of these tips on how to write personal statement experience:

  • Do not overstate your experience in your personal statement introduction
  • Incorporate your experience in the body of your personal statement
  • Try to stick to the experience that is relevant to your current application; of course, a lifeguard summer job may not be a relevant experience to include if you are applying for a banking or legal firm job.
  • Use short sentences and good punctuation when writing about your experience
  • Always remember that experience gathered recently is usually more relevant than those gathered years ago. Always leave the full experience details for your resume and stick to the more recent ones for your personal statement.

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What Facts to Include in Your Statement of Purpose

When writing your statement of purpose it is important that you include some facts that would help to improve the professional outlook of your personal statement. That is something which shows that you did your research before you chose to apply. There is, however, no need to make your personal statement a data research work, in other words, it should not be overly filled with data. It is because of this that below, we would be looking at simple tips on how to include facts to your statement of purpose. Some of these tips you will often see in academic statement of purpose samples are:

  • Stick to data that is simple to follow
  • Stick to data that is relevant to your application
  • Avoid data that undermines your application
  • Do not overly stuff your personal statement with data, as this may defeat the entire purpose of using data
  • Only use verifiable and verified facts

Sample of Experience Personal Statement

There are sample personal statements online that you can use to learn how to write your personal statement. They would serve as a guide for you but it is important that you know the areas to look at so that you can get the personal statement tips for you. Below are 5 of the areas that would guide you with this from a sample personal statement.

  • The length of the personal statement
  • The font used
  • How the experience was incorporated in the personal statement sample
  • The format used for the personal statement

The above tips on how to write a personal statement and the best way to incorporate the experience in it would no doubt help you to draft yours. With these personal statement tips you can easily write yours in no time!