Sample SOP Document

Statement of purpose for graduate school is part of the application where it required applicants to make statement that is specific such as about the candidate’s area of study. It must need to be well structured for easy understanding and will not leave the readers’ questions in mind. Here are some of the things you need to know so that you can able to create a good essay of your own.

SOP Things to Know

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Determine what the purpose in writing your statement of purpose is: In this section, you need to make sure you able persuade the committee that you are one of the applicants they are looking for. You need to show about your ability as well as motivation to become successful in your field. I this way assistance from phd statement of purpose can be really useful for you. You need to show about the basis of experience you have, the kind of candidate you are and others.


  • You must need to determine what content you will include in your essay.
  • You need to know what style and approach you need to have in writing your statement of purpose as well as phrases and words needed to avoid.
  • You need to pay attention to your audience.
  • You need to pay attention all throughout your statement.

Determine the content of your statement: In determining the content of your statement, you need to analyze the questions. You need to make a good decision in including the information in your essay. You need to share the area you want to specialize. There are also some of the things you need to do which includes:

  • An objective that is clear and self-revelatory. You need to write in a straightforward manner that tells your experience.
  • You need to form a conclusion explaining the meaning and value of your experience such as what have you learned about your field and yourself, what are your future goals as well as what are your career plans if you have any.
  • Your statement of purpose must need to be a careful persuasive writing.

Sample SOP

There are many SOP examples on the web that you can check out and it is better when you research some so that you have an overview and a guide on the things you need to do. When you are having a hard time, it is better when you rely with some examples:

Candidate 1: I want to do research in your provided laboratory because it’s in San Francisco. I also wanted to live in San Francisco.
Candidate 2: I want to do a research when it comes to disease because my friend died from it.
Candidate 3: I want to do a research regarding your topic because I had an internship with it and I liked it. I’m also good when it comes to it so you should not worry.

As you are reading these samples, you will know which one is better. Just keep in mind that the committee wants to read an SOP saying you are ready for that program or you are ready for that research.

There you have it example statement of purpose for graduate school. For more sources, you can check out the web for more information. Get started today!