Simple Sample Graduate School Statement Of Purpose

Statement of Purpose for Graduate School Sample

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Statement of Purpose for Grad School Sample

I’ve always gotten good grades, good reviews from the jobs I’ve worked, and positive references from the internships that I’ve participated in, but despite all the hard work and effort I’ve put into accomplishing this I feel it’s important to communicate that these things weren’t my goal when putting in the work. A diligent work ethic is something that’s been instilled in me my entire life from my parents. We didn’t come from the best part of town and never had much money, but this certainly wasn’t from a lack of hard work, it was from a lack of education. That’s what my ultimate goal is, education, to have the tools to take advantage of the hard work that I’m more than willing to do instead of toiling in something meaningless or tedious. Not education so I can make a certain amount of money or something, but so that I can put myself to good use, so I can see the fruits of my labor and feel truly proud of creating something, and that’s my ultimate goal as an applicant for your institution, to make something of myself with the gift of education.

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