Statement of Purpose for Scholarship Application Sample

statement of purpose for scholarship sampleStatement of purpose is commonly referred as application essay or letter of intent by several educational institutions. It is one of the most essential components for application process and it provides admissions committee details allowing them in becoming more acquainted with who you really are, what you want to study and what experiences you have in field.

Tips for Writing Statement of Purpose for Scholarship

  • You need to be yourself and be mindful that you are looking for a program that is best match for you. Avoid disguising about yourself instead be honest all the time.
  • A strong opening is necessary. If you want to stand out from thousands of applicants, you need to have a strong opening that will get the attention of your readers. There are examples on the web for opening that you can check out.
  • You need to show all your points that will put you in a positive light. You should avoid revealing your weaknesses most especially about your personality.
  • Make sure to describe the essential experience that is relevant in your chosen program.
  • Be concise, unique, honest and specific all the time.
  • Make a good description why you’re a good match in the program. You need to tell the committee about your interest and skills. As much as possible, be thoughtful and specific.
  • Talk about your professional and academic goals.

In addition, you need to remember about the number of pages required, word count and format which include margins, spacing and font size.

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Statement of Purpose for Scholarship Sample

free Statement of Purpose for Scholarship Application Sample


This sample statement of purpose scholarship will help you in understanding and knowing more what you need to do. Whenever you are having a hard time to get started, statement of purpose examples are good help for you that is why you need to check at least one source as your basis.

Your name


Dear Scholarship Admission Committee:

I always love to read and travel other places to know more about cultures that other people have. Since I was a little, reading and travelling help me to know more about the cultures of people and instilled me a respect about what other people have. The available scholarship will help me a lot as I continue in achieving my goals in life.

Professional and Education Goals

I have a plan in completing the degree I have and to pursue a career that have advocate for healthy and clean environments. Currently, I am doing a research on water, law, health and women to know more information. In the past years, I had an internship in New York and Malaysia that honed my advocacy, cultural skills and organizational skills.

The scholarship will give me the chance to help other people as I finish my degree. It helps me to reach my full potential and to succeed. I am hoping that I am one of those candidates to be chosen.


My Signature

My Name

My Address



There you have it the important information you should know and as your guide so that you will not have much a hard time in creating your statement of purpose sample.