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Why Are You Writing a Statement of Purpose?

When you apply to college or university you will be asked to provide a huge amount of information from transcripts and test results through to letters or recommendation and a statement of purpose. Your statement of purpose is your opportunity to explain your motivations and ambitions for studying your specific subject. Written well it could be the deciding factor in your being selected which is why so many consider using statement of purpose writing services.

A good statement of purpose writing service can put you in touch with an expert that fully understands how the selection process works and how your statement needs to be written if you are to get your application noticed. This can give you a real advantage in finding the place that you are looking to be accepted to.

Why Is Application Essay So Important?

Grades are not all that the universities and colleges are looking for. After all, everyone can have a bad day or even a good day. The admissions committees want to know far more about you and why you are applying to their institution. Your personal statement or statement of purpose is your opportunity to show how your personal background and experiences have molded you into the person that you are.

Some of the more popular colleges accept less than 10% of those applying to them. Often there is little to choose between you and the other applicants so the committee needs something to allow them to make their decision. A well-written statement of purpose that clearly show your suitability for their program as well as showing you off in the best light will often be the deciding point. If you can get their attention through your SoP and keep it then you will have a better chance of getting a place.

Why Would You Need to Use Statement of Purpose Writing Services?

Writing a SoP can be a time consuming and difficult process. Often many students simply do not have the time or the writing skills to be able to produce something that is going to be attention-grabbing. An engaging statement requires a huge amount of skill to write while being able to cover everything that the committee will want to see.

There are also many pitfalls to writing a SoP. Many inadvertently use clichés or language that is not going to impress the readers that will be reading through possibly hundreds of essays. They will be looking for any reason to move onto the next statement so if they see errors in your writing or it is simply boring and uninspiring they are going to be moving straight on to the next applicant in their stack.

Using SoP writing services allows you to work with someone that fully understands precisely how that statement of purpose needs to be written. An experienced SoP writer will work with you to understand just what you have to offer the program you are applying to and will craft your letter in a way that will make you stand out. They will be able to do this quickly and effectively saving you potentially many days of hard work and bringing you that bit closer to getting that acceptance letter.

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Can You Use a Statement of Purpose Free Sample?

There are many samples that you can view online through many different websites. Many of them read perfectly and are highly engaging. None, however, are about you and that is what the admissions committee are looking for. They want to learn who you are, why you want to study with them, and what your future ambitions are. No sample is going to reflect this and even if something is close to what you want it will also fail to reflect the specific expectations of the program you apply to.

You also need to look at that PhD SoP sample with critical eyes. While some sites, especially the universities themselves, will provide you with actual statements that have been successful, many will not. You should look carefully at the samples that you see and ask yourself if they are really as impressive as they say they are or do they just read basically the same as 9 out of 10 other samples that you have looked at. You are unique and your statement must also be unique.

Your statement must be written about you and targeted to the program that you are looking to be accepted by. Samples, therefore, can only offer your guidance for your writing and should never be copied or adapted for your own use. Always ensure that yours is unique and capable of standing out from all of the others that the committee will read.

Why Should You Not Use a Freelancer for Writing Statement of Purpose?

There are many freelancers out there that will offer to write your statement of purpose or other application documents. They can be found on sites such as upwork and many others. Many of them will provide samples that are perfectly written. However, the work that they then produce can be highly variable. While you may get lucky and receive something that you can be truly proud of, more often than not you will receive something that you simply cannot use and will have no come back on the writer.

Not only that you may not always be working with someone that is reputable and trustworthy. It is not unheard of for a freelancer to use the information that you have provided them for other uses including blackmail! So take extreme care when using any freelancer even if they appear perfectly qualified when you look at their profile.

Another thing to be aware of is that not every freelancer will see you as a priority. Often your task will be just one of many that they have to complete and yours may not be delivered when you really need it.

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Scam Statement of Purpose Help

Everyone has heard stories of students that have received work online that is simply copied or of a standard that no one could ever use. This is of course just a complete waste of your money and could leave you in an even worse situation than you were in before you went looking for help with writing statement of purpose.

Spotting a fake website, however, does not have to be hard if you take your time and look at what they are offering. The following are some of the things that you should look for:

  1. Multiple websites: There are many services that will simply duplicate the website using a different domain name so that they have a much higher chance of getting visitors. All, however, will simply lead to the same services. You will however soon recognize them if you start looking at many different services.
  2. Fake reviews: You have all seen the reviews that the users have left on the sites – or have you. It is just as easy for the team of writers that created the site to write those wondrous reviews also. They also create sites that simply review their own sites giving that extra layer of legitimacy to their work.
  3. No support: Many sites offer no way to contact them other than through the order form that you fill out to make your order. How then do you follow up if you have any issues with the services that you receive.
  4. Poor English: Some sites will simply reflect the likely quality of work that you are going to receive. The grammar, word selections, and style of writing clearly show that the site has been written by people that have limited skill with the English language.
  5. Prices are too low: while you will want to get the most you can for your money, you can be sure that you will get what you pay for. So if they are offering the work at an impossible price you can be pretty sure that they will be taking shortcuts somewhere.

How Do You Avoid Scam Services?

Statement of purpose writing is not easy and nor is finding the support that you can rely on. So how do you avoid all of those poor quality statements of purpose writing services that are out there and ensure that you will get to work with the best? You need to take care to look at what the service offers. Look for:

  • A good example of statement of purpose writing: do they provide you with a sample that reads well and is unique to their site and not simply copied from another site elsewhere?
  • How quickly can they turn the service around: do they guarantee that they will deliver your statement to you on time and can they cope with rush work?
  • Do they guarantee your privacy: look for services that offer fully confidential support so that you know you are not going to be put on every mailing list there is out there.
  • Do they offer support: look for a service that provides you with a landline that you can call as well their email and online chat. Feel free to call them and find out what they can offer you.
  • Do they offer free revisions: most trustworthy services are going to provide you with as many changes as you like their writing to ensure that you get exactly what you want.
  • Are the staff qualified: if they have only been around for a few months and the staff is all overseas writers that speak English as a second language are they really going to give you the quality of help that you are looking for?
  • Do they guarantee unique writing: you want to work with a service that is going to provide you with a plagiarism report to confirm that the work is original.
  • Do they provide a money back guarantee: if you do have problems you want to know that you will be able to get back the money that you have spent with them.

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Reviews of 15+ Statement of Purpose Writing Services

Whether you are looking for a statement of purpose for scholarship applications or university you will want to make sure that yours is the best. The following is a list of 20 different services so that you can decide who you would like to help with your writing:

  1. SOP Writing Net: This is the first service on our list and offers their services at a highly affordable and reasonable $35.48 per page after their 20% discount. Services are offered at different levels depending on where you are applying for your college degree through to doctorate levels. Prices also depend on how quickly you need the work doing from a couple of weeks down to just 24 hours for which you will pay a premium as you would expect. The services come with a full range of guarantees such as on-time delivery and money back if you are not satisfied. Additionally, you benefit from free proofreading, plagiarism testing and unlimited revisions to your statement until you are satisfied.
  2. Vappingo: Simply complete the order form on the site to get to work with their personal statement and SoP experts. Again this service can turn your work around within just 24 hours depending on how much of a hurry you may be in. Their services start at $75 for 500 words which is a little under 2 pages double-spaced. You will benefit from an unlimited number of revisions to your statement and everything is guaranteed to be free from errors and tailored to your personal requirements every time.
  3. Admissions Essays: this service offers premium help with your statement of purpose writing with a 3 to 7-day turnaround on your writing. The service boasts some excellent reviews from its users and claims to be able to provide you with an exceptional personal statement for your application. Prices, however, are a little higher than some other services on this list starting at $299 for your statement. The service offers 10% to 20% discount for additional essays.
  4. WinWordz: This is an Indian based service that offers a full range of writing services from academic essays and admission services through to website building and writing. They offer a full range of admission essay writing services as well as proofreading and editing. However, they do not specify their pricing and expect you to complete the order form with all of your details to get a quote for the work you need doing. They also do not specify the guarantees that are offered through their services.
  5. SoP Writing Org: After a 20% discount is applied to a new customer you can get a college level SoP written for just $63.99 in just 24 hours. Prices vary depending on the deadline you wish to apply and the level of your application. The service has a large number of professional SoP writers that cover all academic levels and subjects ensuring that you get to work with someone with experience in your area of application. Services are delivered on time after free proofreading with a plagiarism report so that you can be sure your essay is unique to you.
  6. Best Assignment service – SOP writing service: Standard services come in at $30.98 per page after their 15% discount is applied to a new customer. Prices, however, can vary depending on the urgency of your statement and they can get your statement to you in as little as 24 hours which is good for most emergency situations. The service offers an unlimited number of revisions to your statement and guarantees to deliver you a statement that is unique to you and free from any writing issues.
  7. Custom Papers Writing Help: If you need a quicker turnaround then this service provides you with as little as just 12 hours turnaround through direct communication with their writers. Standard services start at just $37 per page but you will have to inquire as to the availability of any discounts before you make your order. This can be done using their online chat or over the phone. Services guarantee a plagiarism free personal statement that will be tailored to your own specific application. With on-time delivery and a money back guarantee you can be fairly sure that you will get what you are looking for.
  8. Edusson: this is a slightly different writing service in that you can list your job and the writers will then bid on the work. They have hundreds of writers to choose from and each has a profile and feedback allowing you to make a considered decision before setting the writer on the task. An added bonus of this service is that you only pay when you have finally approved the paper that has been written.
  9. Statements Writing Service: With turnarounds as quick as 12 hours this professional writing service is dedicated to the highest levels of quality at a rate that any applicant can afford. With hundreds of fully qualified and experienced writers to help you, they are able to offer you help that starts at just $30.80 per page. All writing comes with a money back guarantee as well as being supplied with free plagiarism testing and proofreading. Unique writing is provided with an unlimited number of revisions to ensure that you submit a statement that you are proud of.
  10. PhD Statement of Purpose: Starting prices are $31.99 after a 20% discount has been applied to your order. Simply complete the order form on the site with your information and you will soon be talking to an expert in your area of application. The writers work directly with you to discuss how you fit the expectations of the program you are applying to. This ensures that your statement is always tailored perfectly when you apply. With a full money back guarantee this service is able to turn your order around as quickly as just 24 hours.
  11. Statements Writing Help: A long established service that is able to provide you with statement of purpose writing help that covers all different subject areas no matter where you are in your education. They work with you to provide perfectly targeted essays for your application and everything is covered by their money back guarantee as well as being error and plagiarism free. Prices start at $38.90 a page and the service can be provided in just 12 hours if you are in a rush.
  12. Statement of Purpose Graduate School: If you are applying to graduate school then this specialized service has the experts required to write your SoP to the required standard. They offer a wide-ranging team of native English level writers that are able to provide you with unique and well-written statements. They offer a 24-hour rush service depending on your needs and will always deliver to you on time. Prices start at a modest $47.90 and are covered with a money back guarantee.
  13. Custom Writing: fully guaranteed help with writing your statement of purpose to a standard that will fully meet your expectations. They offer a money back guarantee and will always deliver on time even if you select their 24-hour rush service. They are able to offer support at all levels of your education and across many different subject areas through experienced English speaking writers that are highly qualified academically. Writing services start at just $32.86 per page depending on the level at which you are applying and the deadline for your statement.
  14. Times resumes: aimed more at the Indian market this service provides custom statement of purpose writing that is priced in rupees. Turnaround is 2 to 5 days for your statement. Costs start at around $23 for a basic statement and there are additional premiums added to a faster service or other additional requirements.
  15. Sigma Essays: if you are really in need of a rapid turnaround then you should look at this service. They can work with you to provide you with a statement in just 3 hours if you are in an emergency situation. After a 15% discount, their services for statement writing come in at around $72, but you can expect to pay more for express help. Statements come with a full satisfaction money back guarantee and are always unique and free from mistakes.
  16. Whether you are applying to Oxford and Cambridge or any of the many other UK universities you can be sure that this specialized services will know what is expected of you. They offer services to cover 106+ UK universities and guarantee to provide you with a well written and totally unique statement that is written around you. Prices start from GBP 170 with a full 20% discount for new customers to the service.
  17. This service boasts of helping many clients to get into premier colleges such as Stanford and Yale as well as having 9 out of 10 clients recommending their services. They work with you to provide a perfectly written statement that will be unique to you and tailored to the college you are applying to. Their standard package starts at $75 with their premier service costing $189.
  18. Paperhelp: Prices start at just $74 and you can gain a 10% discount if you agree to a video testimonial to promote their services. They have been providing help for a little over 6 years and boast many positive reviews from their clients. They can also provide your statement in just 3 hours for which you will have to pay a premium. They guarantee that your statement will be unique and free from any plagiarism and will provide you with 3 free revisions to your statement after it has been written.
  19. aimed at those who are wishing to get accepted to study law this premium service provides you with a package that includes far more than just writing your statement. They will work with you and provide you with coaching to help you to get the place that you really want. They provide one on one support over Skype and the telephone. Their standard packages vary from $1120 to $1455.

Follow our advice and try to avoid services that are more interested in simply emptying your wallet than helping you to gain a place on your chosen course. We provide you with all of the support that you need to make sure that you know what to expect in an effective statement of purpose writing service that can help you. Writing a SoP is not easy, but by selecting the right service you can give your application the edge that you will need.

Select statement of purpose writing services that you can trust to deliver the help that you are looking for by following our professional advice.