structure of personal statement for college

Structure of Personal Statement: Compelling Beginning, Effective Ending

A personal statement or statement of purpose is an integral and vital part of any application. It must be written well if one is ever to have a shot at the institution or the firm they are applying to. One must be able to know what a personal statement entails so that they would be able to write one that is ideal for them. A personal statement is first personal and this means that it must be written in a ‘personal’ context. This is why you cannot just go and get any of the personal statement that is available on the internet and copy it; your personal statement length must have ‘you’ all over it.

This way the reader or your potential employer can see you, your strength and why you are a good fit for the job or their institution by going through your personal statement. This is why in this article we would be looking at the ideal structure of personal statement that would comprise the perfect personal statement beginning and how to end a personal statement. All this would go on to underscore the importance of a well-written personal statement.

What Is the Importance of a Well Written Personal Statement?

A well written personal statement has tons of benefits for you and some of them are highlighted below:

  • A well written personal statement gives you a good first impression before your potential employer
  • A well written personal statement helps your potential employer to see why you are a good fit for what you are applying to
  • A well written personal statement gives you an edge before an interview
  • A well written personal statement is the perfect adjunct to your resume
  • A well written personal statement also helps to boost your resume

Structure of Personal Statement

While it is very important that your personal statement has good grammar and punctuation, it is equally very important that your personal statement has a good structure. This structure of personal statement as stated earlier would comprise of a well written personal statement beginning, a beautifully structured body and a sublime conclusion. This is why in writing a personal statement you should know how to end a personal statement or statement of purpose. Below we would be looking in more detail at what should be contained in these three areas that would make a perfect structure of personal statement.

correct structure of personal statement

Personal Statement Beginning

A statement of purpose internship must have a very good introduction or beginning. The reason for this is that it is the first area that would catch the attention of the reader or potential employer. A personal statement beginning should be brief, and rich. In other words, the goal should be to include as much personal basic information as you can in one concise straight to the point paragraph. You should use simple sentences as this makes punctuations easier. Things that should be included in your personal statement beginning are:

  • Who you are and what you do
  • Where you learned about the opening
  • What you are applying for
  • And why you are applying to the said institution or firm

These are areas you would want to consider in your personal statement beginning.

Personal Statement Body

The personal statement body is where you would highlight all the relevant information about your resume and show why you are an ideal fit for the job or the course you are applying for. It is this area that helps to show what your skills are and the area that makes your resume to stand out from the bunch. This is why your body should include

  • Key highlights from your resume
  • Your most prolific degree or certification that is relevant to your application
  • And any skill that is relevant to your application

How to End a Personal Statement

Ending a personal statement is easy to do and would usually contain two important things. First, it should refer to your resume for further details stating that your resume is attached with the personal statement. Then it should also thank the reader for the time in going through your personal statement which shows respect and courtesy.

Learn about the structure of personal statement from these tips and now you can go on to write yours!