The Best Statement of Interest Graduate School Example

A statement of interest asks you about your interest. You need to show what you have that makes you a great candidate to the program. You need to provide all your interests that are unique and different from others.

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Statement of Interest Format

  • statement of interest graduate school exampleOpening paragraph: In here, it must be clear and strong. You need to provide coherence and clarity all throughout. In getting started, it is better when you state about your interest in a particular field and state why the school if for you.
  • Next paragraph: In this section, you need to expand about the interests that you have laid out in your first paragraph. Do not be too wordy and it is okay to use small prepositional phrases. Do not confuse the committee. You can explain your research or any interest. Read our review of the top statement of purpose writing services.
  • Another paragraph: You should wrap up your explanation and highlights accomplishments you achieved. Do not list everything because you only need to include the relevant ones. You can list two or three you work with.
  • Conclusion: Your goal is to wrap up everything in a couple of sentences. Stating your field and contributions is good. Make a good decision on how you end your statement of interest.

Statement of Interest Graduate School Example

I am a senior at New York University and studying Environmental engineering. I expected to graduate this June 2014 with Bachelor’s degree in Environmental engineering. I am proud to say that I am one of the best students in our class.

I wish to enter ABC University graduate program in Civil Engineering. I have 2 years of experience in the field and I believe that it makes me the best candidate because I can able to share what I learned and experienced to others. My interests include computational mechanics, geomechanics, continuum mechanics and multiscale modeling.

My ultimate goal is to become a professor in a university where I can instruct students to dig deeper in knowing environmental engineering, mechanics and other related subjects.

statement of interest graduate school example

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