The Best Statement of Purpose Computer Science Sample for Your Study

statement of purpose computer science sample

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It is not easy to write a computer science statement of purpose because there are many things that you must know. You need also need to market yourself to satisfy the committee that you are the candidate they are looking for.

Writing Computer Science Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose Computer Science Sample

  • Why you choose computer science: You can start by saying the because of the endless opportunities that computer science program offer, I find it appealing. Because of by explorative and inquisitive attitude, I believe that I can do more.

As a student in final year of my undergraduate study, I think that a graduate program in Computer Science will refine my skills and knowledge. I believe that it gives me good directions to my career.

  • Academic background and research interests: Checking out statement of purpose example computer science helps you to get started. In writing this section, you need to show about your interest and research, here is a sample.

In my undergraduate studies, I benefited a lot from Princeton University because they gave me the chance to explore more and to have real exposure in areas of Computer Science. With them, I gained exceptional understanding about the concept.

Over the past three years, I developed interest in Computer Science in areas of Information Retrieval and Complier Construction. Since I want to Study MS degree on it, I am open to all topics and challenges as well.

  • Lessons learned: Aside from your interest and experience, you need to show what you have learned. For instance, you can say you learn to be more independent and responsible person. In your undergraduate program, you say that it helps you to booster your confidence.

  • Conclusion: End your paper by wrapping up what you have discussed. For example, I would be grateful if you give me a chance to become part of your graduate program. I assure that I can make good contributions to your program.

It is not bad to check statement of purpose computer science sample because you learn from it. If you have a hard time in writing your paper, you can search for more samples or SOP writing tips but be sure that you start early in writing your own statement of purpose.

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