The Most Useful Sample Statement of Purpose for Masters

sample statement of purpose for masters

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The purpose of a well-written and well-researched statement of purpose is to tell the committee who you are, what you can do and how you think. Here are some things to remember in creating a wonderful SOP.

Writing Statement of Purpose for Masters

Specifically, you need to present:

  • What areas of study you are interested
  • How defined your interests are
  • What do you expect after studies
  • How you goals and interests match the program you’re applying for
  • How the school will help you in achieving your goals

Sample Statement of Purpose for Masters     sample statement of purpose

In writing your statement of purpose, you need to know the graduate school, program and department. Make sure that you do not limit your research about the school you are searching for. Do not afraid to communicate with academics and administrators if you have questions. What is more, if you have questions about sop for ms in electrical engineering, then you should check this link.

Sample of Statement of Purpose of Masters

My name is John Smith; I pursued my undergraduate studies in Computer Engineering at New York University. I am planning to pursue a higher education and I hope to be enrolled to master’s program. During my undergraduate, it helps me to develop more knowledge in the field of science.

Early in my study, I got to know about basic programming languages. I understood the features of every language ands same to realized that I am improving. I had also chance to visit company IT where I saw many computers that are connected to each other and performs different operations. Because of curiosity, I read books and searched how they managed it.

I look forward to get a higher education in your school and I can make sure to make great contributions especially in the areas of Computer. I believe that my seriousness in the area and strong background in academic. I am honor to apply in your university and to prove what I can do for the betterment of the program.

It is not easy to write a statement of purpose but when you know what you will do, you can make a good story. You can also try to look for a statement of purpose for master’s sample,  a goal statement for graduate school example or a statement of purpose computer science sample to have a guide.

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