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Professional Sample SOP

Engineering isn’t something that people often consider to be fun, but that’s not what my interest in it has been. My love of engineering and the surrounding concepts is based on a love of technology. Technology is perhaps the most important thing to modern society, and engineers are one of the few people that understand the way that this technology often works. My particular interest has always been in cars, which is the field that I hope to go into after school, and I would like to gain the necessary education to do so at your institution. I want to stress that this is out of a passion for the concepts and applications involved and not particularly out of the desire for a job or a certain salary. I’ve put in lots of work to gain the technical knowledge that I currently have, both in school and out, because it’s something that I truly believe is important, and something that people often have deficient knowledge in. I seek to be someone who does have this knowledge, and I would like to get it at your institution.

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